Granite Slabs Markham – Simple Longevity

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The use of granite slabs in Markham while creating beautiful homes isn't new, and it's no wonder. The rich luxurious building material has a plethora of uses and can be installed in any room to provide a comforting and sophisticated look. The incredible longevity of granite slabs makes it an ideal choice for projects that are currently under construction or for anyone looking to improve the look and value of their home. With simple maintenance and an unmatched variety of colours, patterns and textures, granite makes regal living simple and stunning. Granite slabs offer the ability to transform any living space into a vivid, living work of art.
Natural stone building materials such as granite certainly aren't new. For thousands of years, people have been using these beautiful materials in their homes, and in many cases, the granite flooring and countertops are still in use today. Several examples of 2000 year old granite floors can still be seen today in places like Egypt, Greece, and Italy. This longevity adds to the value of a granite slab purchase. While they may seem a little pricey from the start, it's important to realize that the true value of a building material lays in its ability to maintain its pristine looks for years to come without the need to be replaced. Composite countertops may only run a couple hundred dollars, but don't forget that these will need to be replaced every couple of years which can dramatically reduce the overall value of the material. Aim for the longer-lasting more durable option of granite slab and enjoy a lifetime of striking surfaces.
Keeping your beautiful granite slab investment looking its very best is much easier than you'd expect. It's important to speak with a reputable natural stone supplier to find out the exact details of your individual slab. While some pieces can be installed immediately and forgotten about, other pieces may need to have a sealer applied. This sealer is used on more porous pieces of natural stone to prevent water damage from taking place. Once a sealer has been applied, if it was required, of course, maintenance is simple. A wipe with a damp cloth is enough for daily activity. It's generally recommended that once every week a more thorough cleaning involving warm soapy water and a clean rag occurs. The importance of the rags cleanliness cannot be understated. Dirty rags may have sand or other small abrasive materials that can scratch any surface.
When choosing surfaces for your home, nothing is as important as the longevity of your investment and the ease at which it is maintained. Installing granite slab throughout your home is an investment that is sure to increase both its value and its looks for a lifetime while being as close to maintenance free as possible. Be sure to speak with a trustworthy natural stone supplier about your slab to find out if a sealant is recommended. Call today to kick start the lifetime of luxury and beauty that only granite can provide.